Diversified Business Services


We specialize in the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. Over the years we have prepared literally 1000's of Federal and State returns. With the use of a highly sophisticated computer system and the most advanced tax preparation software on the market today, we pride ourselves on the quality of service provided by our office. My staff and myself are dedicated to providing you with an easy and painless way to complete what many people consider to be a very stressful obligation required by the government. Our office is equiped to help you in preparing not only your Federal Tax Return, but also any required State returns. For the 2005 tax season we fully implemented our E-File Service for both Federal and State returns. The use of E-Filing and Direct Deposit insures our clients a fast and secure way to file their returns and expedites the receipt of refunds. Most of our clients who E-Filed their 2005 tax returns had their refunds within 10-15 days of filing. Should a return that we have prepared ever be audited by any government agency, we will represent you at no additional cost. If there is any additional tax due because of an error on our part you will be responsible for the TAX only, we will pay any penalties and interest. We are very proud of the fact that in over 25 years of preparing individual tax returns (1200-1500 annually) fewer than 30 have ever been chosen for audit and in 85% of the cases the result was; no change, accepted as filed. It is our committment to prepare your return based on the information you provide and to advise you of every deduction you are entitled to. Most importantly, our prices are based on a per form basis and our price list is posted for public review as required by the New York City Dept. of Consumer Affairs. We invite you to call or visit our office for a price quote.